Al Scott

Software Developer

About Me

I'm Al, and I like software. I spent the first chunk of my career as a consultant which gave me a breadth of technical, business, and interpersonal experiences. Now I'm the lead developer at Campspot. I've programmed a lot with JavaScript, Java, and Ruby. I've dabbled with OCaml, F#, Scala, Clojure, and some others but not to any serious extent.

I'm passionate about developer tooling, particularly Emacs. If you get to know me you might be irritated by how much I talk about it.

Outside of programming I enjoy trivia, reading fantasy (but not sci-fi), and disc golf.

If you're interested in getting in touch with me, shoot me an email or @message me on Twitter.

My Open Source Projects

I have lots of small projects on GitHub. I also have a few larger projects detailed below.


mocha.el came out of my frustrations at not being able to easily run my JavaScript tests inside of Emacs. It adds commands that allow you to run and tests at a project, file, and individual describe or it level. For the latter, it hooks into the AST provided by js2-mode to figure out the innermost test level the cursor is on. It also integrates with realgud to allow you to debug tests inside of emacs.

My Emacs Config

My Emacs config is my favorite thing to tinker with. I did a complete overhaul of it recently, and at the moment it is mostly tuned for doing JavaScript development.

I also have an older config here. I don't recommend using that one, but it has some good snippets for setting up a Ruby or Scala dev environment in it.

My Writing

I'm not a naturally prolific author, but I've written a number of blog posts for the Atomic Object Spin blog. I've written posts on topics ranging from solving specific framework problems in Java and JavaScript to higher level concepts like doing code reviews, writing user stories, and effective documentation. You can view all of my posts here.

Contact Me

Email is the best way to reach me. Also, even though I don't tweet a lot, if you @message me, I will see it and respond.

I almost never reply to LinkedIn messages regardless of the content.


Twitter: @aljscott